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Jul 15 2008


The learning curve is steep.

I miss the people at institute, and my kids. Not the paperwork so much, but at least everything was in one place. Now its apartment renting, car buying, and “getting my life together.” On top of “Round Zero” aka, Institute part 2.

Its crazy how much has changed, yet how quickly you adapt. I speak acronym, think in terms of kids, and am trying to think about finances long term. Round Zero is an adaptation as well. Going from literal, like need to get this done today for my kids tomorrow back into a hypothetical planning sense is odd. And anxiety building. Its hard to focus on hypothetical plans when you don’t know what actual materials you have to work with in your specific school. Its easier to LP when you can picture how specific kids are going to react and you can “see” your classroom. Add that to the idea that I’m still living in a hotel without a car and have approximately 72 hrs to get this all sorted out, and its hard to make paperwork a priority.

live and learn. the ohana rocks. i just want to get settled.

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