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Jul 19 2008

Home Sweet Home

Things are crazy, but I have found a home. I am happy here, with the water a block and a half away (I can see it from the bedroom window) and mountains on the otherside. Sitting on the roof, its ridiculous to think we actually live here.

Round Zero is in full force. Working on all of your unit plans for the full year, and really having to get into your benchmarks, you really see what you have to learn. Exciting and scary at the same time. You just keep asking yourself, am I really qualified to do this? Then I hear my CS “You are the instructional leader in of your classroom.”
She was pretty bad ass. She wouldn’t lie, right?

Still trying to get my life together. Living on your own, budgeting etc, is scary. And hard. And I still have to buy a car.

But amid the insanity, life is good. I am happy. I live with an amazing person, I have the amazing Ohana by my side. I am in an amazing location. And I believe that somehow, I can help these kids. If something I do helps even one realize their potential, ok then..its worth the struggle. Heres to hoping I can keep this attitude up. I know its going to get really hard, really fast.

asset-based thinking. drink the kool-aid and try not to shudder.


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