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Jul 25 2008


“School” for teachers has started, and I am incredibly lucky. My staff is unbelievably supportive…I’ve heard the stories about TFA teachers who face resentment by veteran teachers or faculty… but that just isnt the case at my school…its really the opposite. I think like the average age of the staff can’t be older than 30… and there is a very strong TFA presence here in general. So I’m in good company.

My room is gorgeous too, really clean…and it’s mine. It’s still really overwhelming to think about. And why exactly are there 30 desks? I’m glad I had a huge class at institute. Hopefully I’ll get my roster before I get my kids next week. I’m still working on those expectations and procedures…I just keep thinking of more to add…then theres the matter of my unit plan…It’ll get done.

Things are good, just a bit overwhelmed at the reality of it all. I’m an adult? I have rent, car payments, insurance etc, a job, and will soon be responsible for a lot of kids. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. One of the benefits of Hawaii is that this afternoon I took a run on the beach to clear my head… the ocean does wonders for my sanity. It’s kind of funny that we sit through hours of TFA powerpoints big goals, and while important, maybe the same kind of attention should be paid to the “taking care of yourself” packet they handed us when we got back to the island after institute. We can’t be good teachers otherwise. At least I know I can’t…I need the sun and sea to keep me going, and I’m lucky to be where I am.

Although…I was terribly sad to see a sea turtle washed up on shore. I couldn’t “save’ him, he was already passed away. It really made me sad…

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