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Jul 31 2008

A Mango for the Teacher

No really, I did get a mango from my department head.

Tomorrow I become the instructional leader of my classroom. “Open House” was two nights ago, so I have already met some of my students and parents. The parents I met were really supportive…all 9 of them. Out of about 90. And I had one of the bigger turnouts…but the families cannot really be blamed… school miscommunications prevented most students from finding out about the event in the first place. It’s ok though, I’ll be in touch soon enough. If institute taught me anything, it was make that positive phone call to parents first. If you have to make the disciplinary one…and I made a few…those positive phone calls do not seem so scary after all

The past week has been a blur…the veteran staff keeps talking about the “glazed look” the new teachers have. So much info in so few days. But I think we are going doing just fine…fine as new teachers can be. We have a great group of ’08′s. Still nervous though…and all those things my CS told me are running through my head….”you are the instructional leader” and “if you don’t have a plan for your students, they will have a plan for you…”…and of course “all students CAN behave, just some choose not to or don’t yet know how within the context of your class” She had some great points, and even though I wasn’t thrilled to go to session at institute and would have much rather taken a nap… I really wish she were here now.

The learning curve will be steep. I know I still have serious gaps in content knowledge, am still missing some procedures, and have a lot to learn about military culture. At open house, some of my parents already told me when their students were going to leave…

I want to be a good teacher. I will be a good teacher. It’s gametime.

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  1. I hope your first day was great! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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