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Aug 26 2008

Give me back my five step lesson plan…

I began to understand the concept of “instructional time” at Institute, when I was convinced my FA had it out for a particular student and would take him from me.  While said student was occasionally disruptive, NOT having him in class was far more detrimental to me because he was one of my students who couldn’t afford to miss class time because he had a hard enough staying up and on task when IN class.

Today, I survived my first field trip.  And it was incentive rewards-based, not educational.  As tired as teaching makes you…field trips are even more deadly.  Even though you are dead tired at the end of the day, time flies in front of the classroom when you are trying to cram as much as you can into the minutes you have with them.  Let them run around like mainiacs all day without a plan and time crawls slowly.  Give a five step lesson plan anyday.  wow…never thought I’d feel this way…crazy how being teacher like creeps into you…

Here’s to being objective driven.

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