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Sep 19 2008

4 in 4 days…

So its been a while.

It’s been good, its been stressful, sometimes it has looked like its going to get ugly, but in the end it always ends up ok.
My CMA had excellent advice during my Institute mini-panic attack….as she pointed out… “what’s the worst that can happen? you have a bad day with your kids, and you start again the next…”

Very true. I just keep going at it one day after another. Not to say i am having bad days, just more that every day is a new shot to do something and do it well. Theres always SOMETHING that goes right. Cling to it.

Life on the base has been interesting. I have had four kids entered into my classes in four days, and many are leaving soon as well. So it hasn’t just been about building a classroom culture, its about building a fluid classroom culture that remains as the kids come and go. Working on it.

As far as the good, all but one of my 80 little scholars submitted a 5 paragraph personal narrative essay and presented it “author’s chair” style. The kids were super respectful of each other, it was a proud teaching moment. We’re now onto fictional narratives, and this is a unit I didn’t teach at Institute…so its been a bit more work. I am wondering when it stops feeling like you are making it up as you go along. I did however have an excellent class yesterday on plot structure thanks to my smart neighbor across the street, who likened the exposition and resolution of plot structure to “surfing position” and got some kinesthetic learning in there. So there has definitely been good.

But the little things are getting to me. I can hear it in my voice and tone in class. I’m tired. It’s been a hell of a trip since Institute and we’ve never really stopped going. Two weeks until fall break, which I am fully relentlessly pursuing.

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